The SureCommand System displays a dashboard of risk related activities to improve users situational awareness. If an incident involving risk develops, the SureCommand system can prioritize the incident and communicate the developing situation to other active users on the network through app push notifications, SMS, and emails messaging. To reduce exposure to further risks, SureCommand System can also broadcast alerts to non-active users about incidents that are in progress or have just occurred.

Intelligence is the collection of information to identify current and future risks. The information collected is organized in a logical way to identify a pattern of behavior that is adverse to your customer's interests. The SureCommand System creates intelligence reports by collecting content from activities such as audits, occurrences, and incidences and identifies trends of devious behavior to narrow down activities that can present a risk to your clients. These reports display the potential for vulnerabilities and help to mitigate risks to an operation.

The SureCommand profile can manage information about a subject who can present a risk to you and your organization. The profiles include risk vulnerabilities assessments, a list of incidents, hazards, evidence collection, history of criminal behavior, attachments to references, relationships, property and more. These profiles help to assess the risks and identify vulnerabilities. The information that is managed is kept highly confidential and protected by multiple layers of security. All records are sealed after seven years.

The SureCommand analytics features gives users a visual display of recorded activities in the form of charts graphs, scatter plots, line graphs and geographic mapping. This helps users determine patterns more quickly and is able to communicate those patterns to others more affectively.